Kexecboot is a nice Linux-As-a-Bootloader implementation based on kexec. Read more...

Kexecboot is free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.

kexecboot v 0.6 released

Incorporating patches from development branches, commit rev b26884d finally updates to version 0.6.

Download the tarball or clone the git repository.

Cross-compiling kexecboot

Documentation has been updated with a short example illustrating how a kexecboot-enabled kernel can be built using the OpenEmbedded/Yocto framework.

See here.

boot.cfg changes

Since rev 4f9e066 the section delimiter is LABEL (previously it was KERNEL).

The documentation has been updated, please check your boot.cfg and edit it accordingly.

Text-ui fallback has been implemented

If both USE_FBMENU and USE_TEXTUI have been configured then kexecboot
will fallback to text if GUI cannot be initialized.

This has been applied in rev f3d1606

UBIFS support almost completed

Finally I've found an hackish way to detect ubifs filesystems and kexec-boot them.

At the moment of writing this we support a single volume per partition but our Yuri will do his magic...
Stay tuned!

Kexecboot at 2012

Kexecboot under the stars!

Dr. Peter Chubb  held a talk on using Linux as a bootloader at the in Ballarat (16th - 20th January 2012) where he explained in detail how kexecboot works on a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 (Collie).



Select menu items by 0-9 keys

Ability to choose one of first 10 menu items by 0-9 keys was pushed into git master today. Behaviour is controlled by --enable-numkeys configure option. Note that this option is enabled by default. Now you may select menu items even without any user interface (in headless mode e.g.). Menu items are enumerated from 0 (first/top item) to 9. So to enter 'System menu' just press 0 in main menu. Then press 0 again to go back to main menu.

Limit FB UI size by configure options

To change FB UI size limits you was needed to alter defines LYT_MAX_WIDTH/LYT_MAX_HEIGHT in res/theme.h file. Now that defines are removed. You may use --enable-fbui-width/--enable-fbui-height configure options to specify max width/height of FB UI in pixels. By default no limits are used, so kexecboot FB UI will use full screen.

Site migrated to drupal

We have changed our sites CMS engine today. So our site is powered by Drupal now.

Text-mode UI and multiple kernels per partition

Kexecboot got simple text-mode user interface. So now you can use kexecboot without framebuffer.

Other frequently asked feature that was implemented is ability to have multiple kernels per partition on device. Now boot.cfg may have multiple sections that are delimited by KERNEL parameter. Read how to write config file for details.


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